Crystals, Electricity, and Downtime

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1. There are crystals in our pineal gland.

2. All plants and animals have an electric current.

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What Would You Do?

reflection from last week’s Capsule

Q: Imagine if you died tomorrow, and you landed in an all white room. In the room was a computer with a screen reading “Start Over?”.

A: Yes (72%)

B: No (28%)

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"Question your maps and models of the universe, both inner and outer, and continually test against the raw input of reality."

What’s the largest living organism on Earth?

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Nugget From In Praise of Wasting Time

“Mental downtime is having the space and freedom to wander about the vast hallways of memory and contemplate who we are. Downtime is when we can ponder our past and imagine our future. Downtimes is when we can repair ourselves.”

Alan Lightman

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