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How Oysters Turn Irritations Into Pearls & Mindful Eating


Pearls are formed when Oysters protect themselves from foreign substances that enter their shells.

“It's kind of like the oyster getting a splinter.”

L. Dove

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Did You Know?

Q: What is the only muscle in the human body that never gets tired?

A: Stapedius Muscle

Stapedius Muscle

Mindful Reminder

Inspired by Mike Posner and Danny Miranda (Tweet Here)


It's more fun to be a fan than a critic. I'm not looking to spend my life tearing things down, when it can be so satisfying to build things up.

James Clear

Notes from Nuggetz

1. Collaborating on 3 Exclusive Mind x Body x Brand Experiences

  • Female Founders & Execs

  • Founders, Execs, & VCs

  • Veterans/1st Responders

Think, multiple days and nights of relaxation, recharging, and learning with like-valued people. More details coming soon…

2. What’s one Nugget that changed your life?


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