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Capsule 028: Exploring the Mind, Beating Cancer, & Finding Happiness


The brain has over 80 billion neurons.

Each neuron can make 1,000+ connections with other neurons.

That’s over 50 trillion neural connections in the adult human brain.

Did You Know?

Q: Leonardo da Vinci worked on one of his most famous paintings for over 15 years.

A: The painting we’re talking about? Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci c.1503-1517

Practice Positivity

Send us a positive word that starts with the first letter of your first name.

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Understand happiness is within the control of your mind.

- Kyle Maierhofer

Beating Cancer to Studying Happiness

“Nuggets From The Community” - Kyle Maierhofer

Expectations will let you down “Hype something to 10 in your head, it ends up being a 7, you'll be unhappy although you enjoyed it.”

Practice daily happiness habits (gratitude, spending time to interact with people you love).

“Giving and receiving love creates happiness.”

Read the rest of Kyle’s thoughts 👉 here

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