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  • Capsule 032: Are You Addicted? Stay Fearless But Not Reckless…

Capsule 032: Are You Addicted? Stay Fearless But Not Reckless…


Over 50% of Americans admit they’re addicted to their phones.

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Would You Rather…

Q: Would You Rather A Peach, Plum, or Neither?

A: Out of 47…

50% Chose Peach

50% Chose Plum

Half and Half - WOW!

p.s. Explorer, you are among other Founders, Nurses, Yoga Teachers, VCs, Engineers, High School Teachers, Marketers, and more, from all over the world.

Did You Know?

What is the only muscle in the human body that never gets tired?

the answer will be in the next Capsule…


Be fearless, not reckless.

VP of Creative at Liquid Death

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Andy Pearson (VP of Creative at Liquid Death)

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