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  • Capsule 029 History Nuggets: Signing The Declaration of Independence at How Old?!

Capsule 029 History Nuggets: Signing The Declaration of Independence at How Old?!


Ages of The Declaration of Independence Signers

on July 4th, 1776

Aaron Burr: 20

Alexander Hamilton: 21

Benjamin Franklin: 70

George Washington: 44

James Madison: 25

James Monroe: 18

John Adams: 40

Paul Revere: 41

Thomas Jefferson: 33

Nugget sparked by Alexis Ohanian

(Founder of Seven Seven Six, Reddit, and more)

*note: not all signees of The United States Declaration of Independence are listed in this Nugget

What city do you spend the majority of your time in?

The responses will be in our next Capsule!

Practice Positivity Responses

some of our favorites

Tom: Tranquil

Radi: Responsive

Frankie: Focused

Lisa: Loving

Kevin: Kind


“In the US we hope for health, but we really incentivize for sickness.”

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